Virtual Practice Solution Provider

We offer white labelled Custom Telehealth Solutions ,are a B2B Technology Provider , help Practices to implement Virtual Practice


Shared value based health care at an affordable cost.


Patients can now be issued with ePrescriptions and allow them to access them on telemed mobile app anytime.

Direct and Video Appointments

Telemed allows real time on demand Video Streaming between Health Providers and App users.

Radar and Lookup

Need to search for a nearby Organizations, Public Health center, doctor, dentist, or other provider? Our radar makes it easy.

Electronic Records

The Platform allows Organizations and practitioners to convert Paper based records to digital records.

One Stop Solution

The most empowered and participatory m-patient.

Our approach

Social care at the right time, is the heart of what we do.

Instant Medical assistance

Provider lookup, Video consultation features to get connected to get assistance from Providers directly.

Health Interviews

Use our interactive chat bot to ask the hidden questions and find out the real problem by examining the health records and medical conditions.

Wellness care

It's time to get the benefits and results you and your Patients deserve most. We will help people make the right healthcare decisions and then lead the way.

Preventive Care

As we work along to improve the last mile access, we use the technology support to provide most updated information to the Patients using Push campaigns.

Value Proposition

Telemed is a HIPPA Compliant Telehelath Platform offered by NOCON. Using Telemed Healthcare and Medical Tourism organisations offer hands-on personalised service supported by state-of-art data and technology that perfectly complements their offerings.

Value to Patients

Access to world class healthcare at the comfort of their home or office, Hassle free healthcare access, emergency assistance, improved clinical outcomes and healthy life through education, technology and accessibility.

Value to providers

Build an eco-system that combines technology expertise and Clinical experience, step-up the traditional treatment mechanisms with innovative procedures, Streamline revenues, lower administrative costs, Zero down payments for technology access and expand their areas of specialties.

Value to payers or Insurers

Reduced claims due to bundled pricing, price transparency, lowered administrative costs (as the expense of claim adjudication, pre-authorization, and case management is cut down), and a larger healthy insured population.

A Change in Perspective

A comprehensive program that motivates people to keep well and stay healthy.

We have made the healthcare affordable to you. We've created the fastest and most convenient Healthcare technology to help Patients meet their emergency needs. App offers cost visibility, provider discovery radar, Video and direct appointments, ePrescriptions and Electronic Health Records at their fingertips. When organisations using it as a way to facilitate better health for their employees or Patients, our objective is to provide access to all employer-provided benefits through one platform, Telemed

App allows organisations to form tailored communications for their Patients that help people get recommended medical tests and screenings. Our web CRM provides real-time population analytics that helps organisations to research and outreach to gather timely employee and group information and respond to them promptly. Our medical second opinion system allows access to the leading specialists for expert second opinions, without the time or expense of travel.

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