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79% of patients said that scheduling a telemedicine follow-up visit was more convenient than arranging an in-person follow-up, according to Massachusetts General Hospital.

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Why TeleMed?

Smartphones are everywhere, internet connections are faster and consumers are eager to engage with doctors on their own time from the convenience of their home or office. Doctors are now finding better, cheaper and more efficient ways to deliver healthcare services than other practices. Where the Telehealth technology demand also raised.

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Reach patients who are housebound, living in rural areas, or lacking transportation.

Increase follow-up appointments and remote monitoring of patient conditions.

Grow your panel without expensive overhead.

TeleMed value proposition

For patients

Access to world class healthcare at the comfort of their home or office, hassle free healthcare access, emergency assistance, improved clinical outcomes and healthy life through education, technology and accessibility.

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For Providers

Build an eco-system that combines technology expertise and Clinical experience, step-up the traditional treatment mechanisms with innovative procedures, streamline revenues, lower administrative costs, zero down payments for technology access and expand their areas of specialties.

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For Practice Groups

Hassle free management due to price transparency, lowered administrative costs (as the expense of managing paper records, direct visits, Diagnosis and case management is cut down), and a larger healthy population.

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TeleMed app

Your Apps, your Brand and your Patients

Expand your practice with telemedicine capabilities using TeleMed. Our easy to use telemedicine platform can be branded and tailored for your practice need.

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We are a premier technology enabler. Always benefited from the continual inflow of new skills it keeps us fresh and alive to new ideas. Innovative Employees form a unique blend of success and such values are deeply embedded in our business.


To enable Technology access and offer high quality healthcare access to the population.


To develop and implement a shared value-based healthcare system through innovation, technology and networking.

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