Why TeleMed?

Telemedicine has the power to cut your healthcare spending by reducing problems like non-adherence and unnecessary visits, no-show appointments, and making typical doctor visits more efficient.

Telemedicine through TeleMed would allow access to quality patient care, especially to regions and under-served populations that need it the most. It provides a way to cut down on healthcare spending and engage today's connected patient, allows an elderly patient with mobility issues to see the doctor from home, breaks down geographical boarders allowing the patient options outside their state or country.

With TeleMed , a medical practice or hospital system can immediately expand access to niche medical specialists as well as co-doctor to ensure a seamless transition. This makes it easy for primary care doctors to consult medical specialists on a patient case, and for patients to see a needed specialist on a rare form of cancer, no matter their location.

TeleMed  makes it easier for providers to follow-up with patients and make sure everything is going well. TeleMed helps the situation by using a video chat to answer medication questions after a hospital discharge - telemedicine leads to better care outcomes. TeleMed allows Providers to offer Home care services where in Providers may offer home based treatment services seamlessly.

Prescribing is acceptable for live-video telemedicine sessions, where the visit can substitute for an in-person exam. TeleMed allows Digital Prescriptions and Case Notes, that supports International standards such as ICD 10 for prescribing medicines and Treatments.

TeleMed  also supports Instant Appointments which means, Not only do scheduled virtual visits but also reassures patients that their doctors are available and involved in their care, it makes it much easier for them to reach out with questions any time of the day, report early warning signs, and make a follow-up appointment to make sure they’re on track.

Remote analysis and monitoring services and electronic data storage significantly reduce healthcare service costs, saving money for the Providers and their patients.

TeleMed  allows sending usage based offers to Patients thus judiciously identifying usage patterns in the Platform and urging users to use it more, for fulfilling their healthcare requirements.

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