Frequently Asked Questions

How does TeleMed work?

When you sign up with TeleMed for your customized platform of TeleMed for your practice, your patients could download the apps from the App Store by searching for your practice name, and get connected to your Specialists.

Why should I try TeleMed?

This product will increase patient convenience, means no waiting and travel time, and you won’t have to take time off work or other priorities. Provide much better quality service to your patients

How will I get paid from the Patients?

You can allow Patients to pay online for scheduled appointments, instant appointments, medicines, laboratory tests, second opinions etc. using internet banking, Debit card, Credit card and UPI. When customizing the TeleMed platform, we will connect the Payment gateway to your Bank account so you get all these monies transferred to your account instantly when Patients pay.

How much will it cost?

The cost will be depending upon the services, plans that you choose. There are no additional charges for online services. Please contact for more details.

Can our Doctors send prescriptions through TeleMed app?

Yes. Doctors could digitally prescribe medicines through TeleMed. The app supports ICD 10 coding standards.

Patients can either take a printout from your mobile device or you could add it to the shopping cart and buy it through the online medical store.

Can I save our patients health data securely on server for long term?

Yes. You can keep the files for long term. It is 100% HIPAA compliant and secure.

How can I offer Homecare services?

Telehealth app will allow your Patients to choose required laboratory test / book home care services through app. If you’re associated with Homecare providers around your area, you can offer this service through TeleMed.

Patients may track the Providers and see how this service is being delivered.

How can I sign up?

Its easy. Contact us using our website contact any time convenient, we will give you a commercial proposal for the yearly licensed based signup. Once we sign off the SOW, we may take 30-50 days to setup your servers, apps and logins, and our Product Excellence team will take you through the necessary trainings and knowledge transfer process. Once the apps are live and sites are launched for you, we will hook this up to your existing website and that’s it!

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