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Virtual Visits

24/7/365, face to face virtual, HIPAA compliant secure video connection, all from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Anywhere, anytime! Adding telehealth to your practice offers patients simple, on-demand care – without the usual wasted time and cost of most in-person visits. Patients who live in remote locations, or who are homebound or just can’t take off time from work, can access care virtually.

Private and secure

TeleMed’s infrastructure components are deployed within the HIPAA compliant Microsoft Azure or Amazon infrastructure. Systems are deployed on dedicated systems, with all data at rest and in motion encrypted. Where needed, virtual private networks are created for partners covered under BAA.

Credit Card pay

TeleMed allows integrations with electronic payment gateways in various countries and thus allowing the providers to process electronic payments instantly through the app for the services rendered through TeleMed.

Easy to use and highly capable

Non-emergency care

Schedule non-emergency care on needs by TeleMed calendar feature and connect with the provider across specialties.

Conveniently accessible

Patients can connect via smartphone, tablet or computer.

On-demand care

Patients who live in remote locations, or who are homebound or just can’t take time off from work, can access care virtually.

Electronic claim submission

Our system is capable of electronically submitting claims to insurance carriers so you wouldn’t need another software for billing.

Wallet payments

Funds can be deposited to the Wallet for future consultations. All cancelled appointments will be refunded to the patient wallet for the next consultation.

Health Trackers

Regularly track your health vitals such as blood sugar, cholesterol, sleep and fitness data and store them securely by TeleMed.

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