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Expand your practice with telemedicine capabilities Our easy to use telemedicine platform can be branded and tailored for your practice need.

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Custom Branding

Apps will be available on your brand with logo and color theme. We allows you customize your practice group account to the color themes and logo of your brand.

Billing & Statistics

For hospital and healthcare managers, healthcare analytics provide a combination of financial and administrative data alongside information that can aid patient care efforts, better services, and improve existing procedures.

Easy to use and highly capable

Provider Administrator

Administrator providers, handle provider profiles, availability and billing data using the centralized administrative console.

Patient enrollment

Enroll patients to the application and manage their health records.

Connect with providers

Can connect walkin patients to the remote providers via computer or KIOSK instantly or on a scheduled time.

Rural nursing homes

Monitor patients at the rural locations and homes, thus reduce site visits and travel inconveniences

Reimbursable follow-up visits

More convenient and frequent reimbursable follow-up visits with patients.


Administrative access and billing reports using custom templates within TeleMed

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