What are the best ways to market a Telehealth service ?

What are the best ways to market a Telehealth service ?

The report showed that from 2011 to 2018, telehealth service use increased substantially, especially in rural areas (960 percent). In comparison, telehealth use grew by 629 percent in urban areas, and by 643 percent nationally. Telemedicine is on the rise as telehealth services are becoming increasingly available to patients across the country, especially among those seeking mental healthcare. Telehealth services have been associated with a number of benefits such as lowering healthcare costs, eliminating unnecessary travel and reducing hospital readmissions.

Some of the below steps will help you reach your prospective patients effectively.

Through Payers

Payers bring their large patient bases and obviously lower the out of pocket cost to the patient. Likewise, for a payer to partner with a telemedicine service, they have confidence your service improves their cost structure.

Direct to employer

You get many patients for each employer. Plus the continuity of a monthly plan, as opposed to a pay per consult model.

Direct to patient

If you can prove a model where your unit economics make sense then it’s just a matter of fueling the fire with financing or reinvestment.

Through Hospitals

Conspicuous incentives for rural areas with a shortage of specialists. They triage patients and provide them a telemedical consult on site. This is also helpful for payment, as the originating site will be reimbursed through insurance, the virtual consult included. You’ll have to wait for the reimbursement, but you’re still not depending on the patient to pay out-of-pocket.

Digital Marketing

Make sure you have given strong mention of telehealth services on your website

  1. Content marketing : regular blogs, social media posts, videos, webinars etc. that inform and educate your audience on the services you’re providing
  2. Press releases on new features, studies and services your company is offering or released
  3. Showcase referrals and testimonials from clients who are using and have benefited from your telehealth services
  4. Email marketing : let your client base know about your services and the potential benefits and give them the opportunity to request more information if they’re interested

Through Social Media

  1. Show, don’t tell : use images and text that illustrate your message (show). Let your audience feel and sense the situation, rather than simply giving them a long list of symptoms and treatments.
  2. Use a conversational style, not an academic one : People want to get the information they need when they need it as fast as possible. While academic writing style may be more thorough and accurate, it’s important to remember that precise details are not as important in advertising as is getting the information across in as few words as possible. Be concise, be active and be honest.
  3. Be sure your message answers questions or offers solutions to problems your target audience might face : Some advertisers make the mistake of telling the prospect how wonderful their business is rather than showing the prospect how the business can help them fulfill their personal needs.
  4. Be consistent : If you intend to put out press releases on the first day of each month, do so. If you’re going to post on your social media site once a day, do it. If your target audience may miss the first piece, glance at it and move on or not even use the medium you choose that day. Consistent placement of marketing ensures that you will make as many contacts among your target audience as possible and will get your message out frequently. Repetition is critical in advertising.

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