Video consulation APP for health care industry

Video consulation APP for health care industry

In recent times the global market has seen a rush in digital healthcare apps. Online medical consultation has enduring to gain some power and people are opening up to the opportunity of swapping an appointment to a physical hospital with an online alternative.

TeleMed is an online consultation mobile application that affords a trouble free option to address non-emergency medical interrogations. This is created for the fastest and most convenient Healthcare technology to help Members meet to their emergency needs.

Health tourism is a wider term for travel that focuses on medical treatments and the use of healthcare services. It covers a wide field of health-oriented, tourism ranging from preventive and health-conductive treatment to rehabilitation and curative forms of travel. TeleMed supports health tourism with medical second opinion system that allows access to the leading specialists profile for proficient second opinions through the app. Also it has option to show all available treatments list and cost.

TeleMed facilitates users by finding nearby doctors/hospitals, Tele-consultation, Printable ePrescriptions, Electronic Health Records, Online Health Tracker tools, Medical AI Chatbot for self-diagnosing health problems, Triggering Emergency alert to the nearby hospitals, Receiving Second Opinions from Experts, Get notified about health tips to live a better lifestyle, Get reminded about child immunization schedule, Doctor Consultation history log.

  • How TeleMedicine apps benefit for patients and hospitals?
  • Medical professionals and patients can interact with each other bringing health to where ever it is needed.
  • Patients can avoid travelling traffic to go to the clinic/hospital and again waiting there for their turn.
  • They don’t want to carry previous health history and lab reports to hospital on each visit. TeleMed app itself having option to record all as electronic datas.
  • Can privately chat or consult with a Specialist and share images and upload Lab Results or any kind of Health Records instantly with Doctor for yourself or family. They can get second opinions from experts to find out is that prescribed test or surgery really needed? Is cheaper substitute available for their costly medicine?
  • TeleMed app saves lot of time and money by enabling virtual consultation with specialists and helps to get expert second opinion

Meet TeleMed Xara, she will help patients to diagnose their symptoms with a chatbot system and scope to the most possible medical results and lead them to the experts profile to take their appointment in the convenient time. In the near future Xara will probably help doctors as well as remind patients to take their pills.

TeleMed CRM provides real-time population analytics that helps hospitals to analyse TeleMed users health and conduct health campaigns for the targeted app users. Another possibility of using TeleMed app is to get engaged with patients by sending useful health information or feeds upto date.

TeleMed has made a lot of progress to support better quality care in recent years.

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