Tips on effective Patient Retention strategies in Telemedicine

Tips to retain your existing Patients and keep them coming back

Why are your current patients, the best prospects?

Acquiring new patients is the prime focus for any hospital or health system’s marketing department, but seems to have lost attention in retaining existing patients. Patients retention is the key and that may bring the provider recurring revenues.

Nearly everyone wants to do business with people and organizations that they know and like. What’s more, healthcare providers often feel more comfortable talking with, and presenting options to, patients they already know. As a result, those elements that focus on retention, and keeping loyal customers, are far more important, productive than acquisition. Patients can and often do refer friends, family and co-workers.

Tips to improve patient satisfaction

  • Always remember to make them happy and feel them appreciated.
  • Take customer feedback about their experience and look at the ways to improve your services.
  • Communicate and follow up with them more often. You can do followup on each visits and plan some loyalty programs for retaining them.
  • Highlight your customer testimonials through all available mediums like social accounts, website, mobile apps and notice boards.

Let see how we can help you with this

With our HIPAA Compliant TeleHealth Software and Mobile apps

  1. With Pill reminders, remind your patients to take Medications on time with mobile notifications.
  2. With Health Vitals, we allow Patients and care givers to assess patient vital signs frequently
  3. Digital ePrescriptions allows Providers to go Digital and avoid Paper records
  4. Push messaging and Blogging helps Customer care to share health tips and get your patients engaged.
  5. Get second opinions from patients and connect them with experts worldwide. There's no Geographical limitations
  6. Offer Home care option to serve those Patients who wants care at Home !
  7. By giving digital prescriptions Pharmacies can easily check the medicine availability and deliver medicines at their door steps.
  8. Allow Stakeholders like Laboratories, Pharmacies to access the Portal and collaborate. Get the test results uploaded on the software and share with patients and doctors in the realtime.
  9. User subscription plans to ensure sustainable revenues and retain patients for a longer period. Get patients subscribed to monthly bundled prepaid plans. Offer bundled features such as video consultations and second opinions.
  10. Provide offers and perks to your loyal customers including additional credits for video consultations, free shopping, referral bonus, during various application events such as a new sign up or a purchase above certain thresholds.

In many lines of business, the cost of customer acquisition often exceeds the cost of customer retention. Spend less money to keep the patients you’ve already worked so hard to acquire.

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