Teleoncology : significance of teleMedicine on cancer survivors

Teleoncology : Significance of TeleMedicine on Cancer Survivors

A study presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology found that patients with advanced cancer who used an online tool to report symptoms between visits to their doctor saw a 5-month increase in survival compared with patients who did not use the online TeleMedicine tool.

The term “Teleoncology” is the application of TeleMedicine to oncology, including diagnostics (laboratory, radiology, pathology), treatment (surgery, radiation oncology, medical oncology), and supportive (rehabilitation and palliative) care.

TeleMedicine let cancer patients to have follow-up visits, regular check-ins with their healthcare providers over video conference at a convenient time for them. Absolutely, it will avoid long wait times at clinics or hospitals. For oncologists, it is a new way to consult remotely with specialists in other specialties or places to help in the conveyance of clinical care. With the innovation of TeleMedicine, the patient who lives in the remote area can also access advanced cancer care centers and enhance their opportunities for continuing clinical education.

Interactive TeleMedicine tools like TeleMed can track and record patient vital signs from blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature to daily exercise, allowing physicians to remotely monitor a patient’s health and log all visits and then send electronic prescriptions. Using this tool, physicians can communicate with patients no matter how far someone is from their medical center.

TeleMed will also send Medicine Reminders to help patients stay on top of their care. Something as simple as a text message reminder can help patients remember to take their medicine on schedule. Sharing updates on social media can help motivate and encourage people, such as to stick with that exercise program they started.

With TeleMed, let's bring healthcare to the patient instead of bringing patient to healthcare.

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