TeleMedicine usecases with TeleMed mHealth platform, Lets think beyond primary care

TeleMedicine usecases with TeleMed mHealth Platform - Lets think beyond primary care

Procedures - TeleMedicine and Virtual consultations are handy tools for Providers during Procedures and post procedural followups. Similarly, many departments see TeleMedicine as a more convenient and cost-effective way to pre- and post- op for major and minor procedures.

The TeleMed app will allow doctors to do virtual followup visits to ensure the patient is safely recovering and they are getting adequate care when they need it most.

Gastroenterology - A colonoscopy may be a common procedure for gastroenterologists and for some patients, this could be the first medical procedure they’ve undergone. A quick virtual consultation or Video visit before the actual procedure can help them talk through any worries and questions they may have.

Cardiology - TeleMed Patient mobile app will allow self monitoring for blood pressure and other important health vitals for close follow up in chronic conditions such as heart disease, enabling providers to capture and transmit historic clinical data. The TeleMed mobile app provides a comprehensive picture of present medical conditions of the Patient to the Doctors.

Psychiatry - Psychiatry departments often find TeleMedicine can be more effective than in-person care and they use it most for Psychiatry counseling. TeleMed application can provide a convenient and comforting way for patients to get the care that they desperately need.

TeleMed includes connectivity with electronic health records (EHRs) and allows to store historic medical information of Patients and their treatment information among hospitals, other healthcare facilities, referring physicians, and patient families.

About TeleMed While TeleMed covers end to end use cases of TeleMedicine and also manages electronic medical records, healthcare organisations find it most convenient and handy tool for their members to use. This platform is customised based on the needs of the Organisation and their process flow. We do the whole process of whitelabeling free of cost and with to zero set up fee.

Product suite comprises of,

  1. A Web CRM for Administrator, Doctors, Labs and other external Integrators, Electronic Records Administrators and the Marketing
  2. Mobile apps for Patient (iOS, Android)
  3. Mobile apps for Doctors (iOS, Android)

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