Tips to do Telehealth service on an affordable budget

Tips to do Telehealth service on an affordable budget

Whether you’re starting a new Telehealth business or just looking to expand your patient base for existing platform, social media should be part of your practice marketing strategy.

Consider that just having a website or social media profile for your service can improve your search results online.

Let's see how can we promote our Telehealth services on an affordable budget.

  1. Choose one or two social networks with the strongest patient presence, and start there. I recommend Facebook as a good starting point.
  2. Send out a newsletter or social media campaign to patients announcing that you’re now offering virtual visits, Doctors practice’s availability for appointments, Webinar with doctor health talks about special health conditions and explaining how patients can sign-up to your system.
  3. Posting doctor tips or sharing articles from medical websites about seasonal illnesses that commonly impact children, answering questions patients post to your social media.
  4. Ask your doctors to respond to patient's questions, Comments and reviews will interest patients to keep coming back to you for more information or will trust and follow you.
  5. Print out flyers and post them on community bulletin boards (Coffee Shops, Colleges, other youth engagement centres)
  6. Create instructional video of your app which explain how to use app and the benefits.
  7. Have receptionists tell patients about virtual visits when a patient calling to confirm appointments
  8. Add a short message about the program to your answering or hold message.
  9. Hang up promotional hoarding in your office or hospital wall or easily noticeable area also provide some brochures or magazines to read to your walk in customers.
  10. Speak personally with patients about the option of virtual care during in-office visits.
  11. Link Telehealth app and Web portal on your website. Write plenty of contents about Telehealth services on your website blog.
  12. Partnering with another businesses like event promoters and other patient providing communities will also help you to reach patients easily.

TeleMed Technology Platform support you for marketing works on following ways.  

TeleMed Technology Platform support you for marketing works on following ways
  • Provide offers and perks to your loyal customers including additional credits for video consultations, free shopping, referral bonus, during various application events such as a new sign up or a purchase above certain thresholds using our Subscription feature
  • Send out health tip blog alerts, new subscription offer alerts, other notifications to the app users via Bulk Push notification Service.
  • You will get contact details export of all app users with different health conditions like diabetic, High BP Level, High HRA score and different age group from TeleMed Reports tool.
  • Your support team could give required guidelines to consult with appropriate doctor by responding to patient symptom queries they raised on help and support.
  • Chatbot will help customers to navigate easily to the doctor profile based on keyword written by patient.
  • Customer referral program will help you to expand your reach to other patients. TeleMed will launch this feature by next month. You could use our referral reward programs too.

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