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Interactive Video Consultations

Persistent check-in with the doctors without having to visit their clinic/hospital is what the Telemedicine deliver to you. A good internet connection and smartphone or PC, is all what they need to access the healthcare from specialists.

Direct Consultation Bookings

Reduce the ER Waiting time, Patients can book their time slot in advance with the clinic/hospital and ensure the availability of specialist in advance

Electronic Health Record Management

This will aid in a secure, more accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive information about patient health vitals with clinicians at the point of care and enabling quick access to patient records during video calls.


Electronic transmission of medical imaging studies (CT, MRI, XRAY etc.) from one location to another making them available for consultation by radiologists or doctors.

Vital Sign Tracking with Graphs

Patient’s pulse rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, respiratory rate, weight, temperature etc can be tracked on a regular basis from their mobile application itself.

Second Opinion Requests

Getting a second medical opinion can be an essential step, especially when dealing with serious medical conditions or new treatments. Also, those who live in remote areas can receive expert second opinions in spite of distance or mobility.

Patient Referrals

It’s a process of directing a medical case or a patient to an appropriate specialist/ hospital for a definitive treatment after reviewing second opinion request from a patient.

Case History

Case history of a patient is an aggregated checklist prepared and maintained by Providers during visits, diagnosis and referring them to the medical tests for providing medical care to the patient.


Eliminates handwriting errors/illegibility and gives both physician and pharmacist access to a patient’s prescription history. Patient keeps this information handy on their mobile apps for further references.

Medical AI chatbot

Easily diagnosable health concerns or quickly leading to the solvable health management issues if the patient is confused as which specialty to be consulted.

Push Alerts and SMS alerts

Push notifications inform users about the information related to an app, providing valuable and relevant updates to customers, even when the app is closed.

Health Analytics and Reports

Delivering high-quality, efficient, patient-centred care begins with a primary care system that can effectively manage the health of patient populations.

Hospital lists and Doctor List with Map

Online directory of hospitals /doctors with search filters and based on user’s current location both in the list view and map interface as well.

Multilingual Translations

Language localisation services will aid customer satisfaction by delivering high standard yet local language based presentations.

Appointment Slot management

We support all timezones for enabling timely video consultation for remote patients and doctors.

Survey Forms

These forms allows patient to enter their medical history in five different stages for ensuring the Doctor gets access the most important health information of the Patient instantly.

Medical mCommerce

Customers can browse and view medical equipments, medicines, save and share favourite items with their contacts. Various loyalty and reward programs are there in action to attract people such as family health plans and pay as you go methods.

Email alerts and Reminders

Appointment booking reminders and email notifications for app user verification, video call Booking, cancellation and refund information are received on email to the patient and doctor.

Medication Adherence and Reminders

Patients will get a pill reminder for their period of medication for ensuring they are correctly follows medical advice from healthcare providers.

Revenue Report

This will gives a quick snapshot of the payments you have received over a set period of time.