5 ways telehealth will help you increase hospital revenue.

5 ways Telehealth will help you increase hospital revenue.

TeleMedicine can actually make more profit to the healthcare providers. I am giving you 5 ways telehealth will help you increase hospital revenue

Attract more patients with convenient care.

Patients are looking for convenient, accessible care wherever they can get it. In a survey, 76% of patients said they valued convenience and access to care over in-person interactions with a doctor. 75% of surveyed patients said they were interested in doing a telehealth visit in place of an in-person visit.

With so many patients frustrated by long wait times, patients looking for a new provider are more likely to go with a practice that offers an easier way to get care.

Once you have your telehealth program up-and-running, you can use virtual visits to drive patient referrals and ask patients to post online reviews about their experiences. It all adds up to a better, bigger practice.

Retain your current patients.

As we all know well, satisfied patients are loyal patients. Studies have estimated that patients pay an average of $50 just in lost time to go to the doctor’s office. Being able to do a virtual visit from home, or grab a same day online appointment instead of walking to the local minute clinic is win-win for your patients. And will help you stop patient leakage.

Increase your international Patient Care.

International patient gets in touch with his care providers whenever he requires. TeleMedicine allows a face-to-face interaction where the local primary care physician can actively participate to ensure better level of post-procedural and follow-up care to be delivered

Optimize practice efficiency and patient flow.

Less no-shows and late appointments means a more efficient practice. Offering on-demand telehealth appointments can help fill in gaps in your appointment schedule. Plus having some patients check-in online can reduce front office staff time in getting all patients ready for their appointments.

Offer extended hours or after-hours services, from home.

Extending your practice hours is a good way to increase revenue and attract patients, but it’s not always feasible. With telehealth you could get the best of both worlds. Consider replacing after hours calls with telehealth visits, or offer on-demand afterhours appointments from home. You’ll be able to extend care and monetize afterhours all without keeping your practice open late.

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